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On Friday 'Returning Home' by Starless entered the UK charts, siting nicely between Dark Side of The Moon and Rumours. Both albums have been in the charts most all my adult life and have had major influence on me, so I’m delighted!

I recently spoke about Dark Side of The Moon for Grant Stott's

Vinyl Collective on BBC Radio Scotland and how it was one of the first records that made me interested in audio production, I was fifteen and didn't know much about sound back then. I heard it at the friend’s house on a giant Tannoy Quad system, it blew me away. Later that summer I heard Dreams from Rumours for the first time when visiting another friend’s house, I bought the album and wore it out.

Both albums still live with me today so sitting between them in the charts even for the briefest of moments is a huge honour for me.


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