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40 Years of Music....

In 1978 I met Chris Thomson in Uddingston main street, it was one of those long summer days that we had back then. I had been to a Music shop in Hamilton and was in awe of the keyboards especially the classic synth of the time the MINIMOOG Model D, I had read about this synth on so many album sleeves and had never seen one before. Needless to say, I was too shy to go and try it out and there was also the fact that I couldn’t play much except maybe a very stilted version of the Model by Kraftwerk, so I left the shop just dreaming.

When I was on my way home I met Chris, he was walking along the main street and was carrying a handful of Bowie records. We got talking Bowie and music so we decided to start a band and as they say that was that.

Chris and I are working on a song just now that we wrote way back then and we are hoping it will be on the next Starless album. The band that Chris and I started went through a few changes but eventually became“Friends Again”, we played the track live a couple of times but we never recorded it so it’s been a long time coming.

So, it’s 40 years on I have just got a MINIMOOG Model D for the first time and I am revisiting one of my oldest songs. Who would have thought it!

This year I will also see one of Friends Again’s first recordings being released on Marina Records and if that wasn’t enough the new Starless album will be out later this year, exciting times.

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