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Whispered Reason No.2

Marie Claire and I had worked together before but not as writing partners, it was not pressured just new. The track Whispered Reason No.2 is in part a reprise of "My Whispered Reason" that the late Bobby Henry and I wrote for Karen Mathesons "Time To Fall".

MC and I met in London to chat about the album and what I was looking for. I gave the backing track to Marie Clare and asked her to write to it. Although it was the first time we had worked together it seemed to really work with Marie Claire giving me three different versions of the song. I loved all three but decided on the version that is now on the album. We got together about a month later and recorded the vocals, it was fantastic to record all the intrecate backing vocals and harmonies. It took an afternoon to complete all of the vocal parts and then an epic session of programming to finish the song.

Some people have been kind enough to say that it reminds them of Liz Fraser of the Cocteau Twins and if this is the case it can't get better than that for me.

Watch the video here:

Director, Kathleen Little, thirteensquared.

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