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Keeping Good Company

I thought I would make my first Blog entry a reflection on the good company that Starless has been lucky enough to have since its release May 27th.

Today I was in HMV browsing for a new Vinyl purchase and after that had a quick look at CDs etc. I was very happy to see a Starless CD sitting next to “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen. BTR was one of the first Springsteen records I bought and it still means a lot to me. I recently saw Bruce at Hamden Park and was talking to friend about the first time I heard Springsteen.

As I recall my first band Friends Again were being interviewed for “Sounds” by the Scottish journalist Andrea Miller, she was comparing the singer Chris Thompson vocal’s and my piano to Springsteen. As I had never heard Springsteen at that point I was intrigued so went out that week and bought “Born to Run”, I loved the songs, the playing, everything about that record, I was hooked and thirty three years later I still love listening to the album.

I know it might not mean much in the greater scale of things but when I was 21 and making my first album I never thought one day I would share the same record shop space with the boss. You’ve got to love the music business.

Other good company kept.. Biffy MOJO.

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