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Paper - Starless featuring Emma Pollock
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Review Date: May 11 2020

You don’t get many big albums these days. Albums that have a sense of scale.

Albums that exude grandeur. Albums that reek of money well spent like albums did back in the days when record companies would put up wheelbarrows of cash in search of that elusive multi million seller. Yet, on a little Glasgow independent label, we find such an album in “Earthbound” by Starless.

Album Review 

Mark Anderson   Review Date: May 03 2020

Starless is the project of ex-Love and Money founding member Paul McGeechan. 

Starless allows him to fluently demonstrate his consummate skill as a composer, arranger and producer. The range of guests on the album also testify to Pauls standing in the music community at large.

Single Review

is this music?

Betty Mayonnaise  Review Date: Apr 21st, 2020


Northern Britiain


This initial taster is a collaboration with the peerless (ok not calling her a national treasure cos she would probably punch me) chanteuse of these parts, Emma Pollock.

There are hints of “la recherche du temps perdu”, regret and also looking forwards.

This track is a teasing trailer for what is a major and long-in-the-making collaborative work by McGeechan, which includes some real surprises – due out in May,

Somewhere In The Night - Starless featuring Steven Lindsay
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